Paige Blackmon, Attorney & Mediator


Mediation in both general civil practice and for family practice

Different styles and approaches are applied as needed and Co-parenting plans can be implemented if requested in family law cases (Divorce, Modification) 

Paige has been trained in mediation since 1999 and during her career has attended hundreds of mediations as an advocate too.  Paige’s experience handling mediations while doing insurance defense allowed her the opportunity to work with some of the best mediators in the Dallas metroplex area.  Her prices are very reasonable and she also offers a two hour mediation.

Paige’s mediation training also comes in handy in simply working through the emotional or sticky issues in a case where she is actually your attorney.


Family law consists of divorce, modification of existing orders, paternity issues, name changes, grandparents rights, adoptions, and other matters pertaining to the family. 

Paige’s approach to family law is to try to minimize the disruptive effect to children involved while striving to get the best outcome for her client.  She takes a very hard stance against abusive parents and/or addict parents, whether alcohol or other substances.

Sometimes informal settlement conferences and/or collaborative law meetings and techniques are used to work through issues. Sometimes, mediation is used and sometimes, litigation may be the only alternative.


Family Law


Wills and Probate. To compliment her family law practice, Paige also offers basic Will packages drafted to suit each client’s needs and assistance with the Probate process.  The Will packages include not only a Will, but Powers of Attorney, and a Medical Directive along with other helpful information.

Most people do not realize many of the consequences that can result if they pass away without a Will.  Paige handles  Probate matters too. She does not give tax advice or offer representation in complex financial planning or estate issues.

Wills and Probate






Entity Formation and Commercial Litigation, including construction law, mass tort, and contract litigation type cases.  Paige handles the set up of entities such as regular corporations, LLCs, and Close Corporations.

Paige has always handled commercial litigation from simple matters to complex contractual issues and continues to do so.

Occasionally, Paige handles Intellectual Property issues for local musicians and studios.

The most recent area that Paige has added to her practice is construction law.  This consists of representing contractors in reviewing the documents they sign before getting into a new project, filing mechanic and materialman’s liens, contractual suits and other matters that arise in this field.  She also represents homeowners and entities who are victims of bad contractors.  There are very strict deadlines on liens so take care not to let the general contractors or builders get too far behind.